you've noticed the chicken?

So did Telf Maynard. It’s a Wyandotte—member of a strong flock that Telf keeps on his hobby farm in the southwest corner of Vancouver. Telf is that kind of guy. Loves the land, and respects what it does for us. The real deal. With his other hat on, Telf is a real estate guy, and a good one. In this brochure, and on his card, he’s carrying a Wyandotte. In his day job, he carries his refreshingly different, down-to-earth philosophy with him when he’s buying or selling real estate. It makes him worth considering when you’re ready to buy or sell.


real life

Rounded, and grounded. That’s Telf, a guy who has all of the talent you’re looking for when you’re buying or selling real estate. Someone who not only has the initiative to keep a handful of chickens on his Vancouver property, but is tuned to the nuances of change in the real estate business. There’s nothing stereotypical about Telf. He’ll tell you stories about his successes as a champion equestrian and may offer you a dozen fresh, brown eggs, but he’ll always be clearly focused on your needs - the professional you’ve retained to maximize the best results in your real estate endeavour. Well rounded, and in tune with today. That’s Telf.

real time

Telf works at the speed of life. Your life. He has a finger on his own environmentally-conscious life, but he’s also tuned to yours. Smart and savvy, you’ll be completely at ease with the way Telf goes about your work. And isn’t feeling comfortable what you want? Tech? As techy as you want it to be. This is a guy that built and sold his own computer software company—who was interested enough in the big picture to make a small farm of his own property just because he believes in things like that. You’ll be delighted with Telf. He’s the real deal on your time!

real estate

You’re either buying or selling. Simple? Sure. Complicated? You bet. The kind of challenge that requires a totally committed business person doing things for you. Someone who knows the geography, and who has the smarts to quickly translate what you want into a plan you understand. Telf is your man. Today’s kind of real estate person, who’s the real goods in business, in personality, in drive—who is right there beside you as you dive into what could be one of the biggest financial adventures of your life. Rounded, balanced, broadly experienced and talented, that’s Telf Maynard. He’s been there, done that and has a fine-looking chicken to prove it!


Mike & Hazel Foster
We are both impressed with the level of service you have provided to us. You have gone far beyond the...


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