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I felt this was worthy of a blog post.....
If you go to and search for "vancouver realtors"....  Out of 10,000+ Realtors in the Vancouver area, I'm FOURTH on the map list at the top...  and I'm actually the ONLY Realtor on the list -- the other results are all Realty companies, not individual Realtors.  So I hope you don't mind me giving myself a little pat on the back for this accomplishment.
How did I pull this off?  I have no idea.  I've done so much in the way of online marketing, I couldn't possibly even list it all for you, never mind telling you what, in particular, got me this status.  But there are Realtors out there who spend hundreds of thousands in marketing....  and I'm not one of them!
So what do I think made the difference?  I suspect it's because of all my loyal clients visiting my website!  YOU--my readers, clients and fans--generating website traffic volume.  So thank you.  I appreciate the support.


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